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What is The Eternal Code of the Galaxy Sci-Fi Audio Drama?

  • A Sci-Fi Audio Fiction Podcast Series by Ansley Allen.
  • The series will launch on December 1st 2021.

The Story / Very Short Version

The Eternal Code of the Galaxy is a short audio drama podcast with voiceover actors from the Chicago area.  A mysterious signal from deep space has puzzled scientists for hundreds of years but now a captain with nothing to lose and two A.I. have a plan to seek out the code source even if it takes hundreds of years to uncover the truth.

The Story / Short Version

The Eternal Code of the Galaxy is a short audio drama podcast that uses four voiceover actors from Chicago and the surrounding Chicago area.  All in all, it is 12 episodes with each being only three to four minutes.  What’s it about? A mysterious signal has been recorded in deep space for hundreds of years.  Now a scientist and two A.I. are in pursuit. Using cryogenic freezing to help her jump through deep time, she will be lucky to survive numerous challenges to the ship and to her own health.  Along the way, the ship A.I. and her symbiotic A.I. will have to survive each other as well trapped on a journey past the edge of known space.  When they reach their destination, they are unprepared for what they find.


The Eternal Code of the Galaxy is a short 12 episode audio drama with each episode only being 2 to 5 minutes.  It was recorded in COVID and was done completely remotely using software allowing voice actors to be at home while recording. The local Chicago area voice artists involved are true partners in the project!  The series is independently produced and will be available wherever you download podcasts, but is currently not part of any “sponsored” podcast network—though we would love a sponsor(!) and are very interested in partnerships. Season Two will be released some time in 2022.  

Where the idea came from

In a word, “COVID”.   

Ansley was working one day from home as we were all in COVID lockdown and suddenly an idea popped into his head – an audio drama about a research scientist socially distancing from ……everything…….even the galaxy she is in!  She travels with two A.I. and one of them is also dealing with being alone for the first time.  At one point they realize they don’t have ability for things ever to go back the way they were.  The idea grew, and all of a sudden he was calling improv houses for resumes and putting out the word that voice actors were needed.  What started as a small idea began to grow in complexity.  One of the biggest challenges was that we could not just all go to the same recording studio so we had to make our home environment work with the latest software and systems.  One voice artist even had his own system and emailed Ansley the sound files after recording sessions were complete. 

Complex yes, but oh, so much fun!


Ansley Allen

  • Ansley is writer and director of The Eternal Code of the Galaxy Sci-Fi Audio Drama.
  • He currently lives in the Chicago suburbs, consumes high amounts of sci-fi, is passionate about the creative process, and loves working with talented voice artists. 
  • Ansley is also the creator of the 2009 sci-fi indie film “The Alientated”, an improv based comedy.  
  • On a side note, Ansley hates writing bios but is very excited to be involved in Eternal Code of the Galaxy!


 Marian Tsikalas (Sarah 5)

  • Marian has done voiceovers for children books and has made a move to audio dramas.
  • She has a passion for retro sci-fi radio and was a natural fit for this project. In addition to voice acting she is a singer/songwriter and plays guitar.

 Joe Stehlik (Charleston A.I.)

  • Some of Joe’s earliest memories involve watching the Star Wars trilogy with his dad and he has been a sci-fi and action fan ever since!
  • With a passion for performance, he’s only recently ventured into the world of voice acting – with Eternal Code of the Galaxy being his first big first big role!

 Jonny Miller (Legacy A.I.)

  • Radio/Audio/Podcast Producer, Host, Voice Over Talent, Sound Design and Recording, Engineer
  • Crazy for storytelling and creating memorable characters, iconoclast, enjoys long walks to cafés that serve amazing drinks at reasonable prices, but don’t exist.

 Angelica Rivadeneira (Sarah1)

  • Angelica is a fervent linguist interested in language development and evolution of communication. She is founder of the Language Training Club, where she helps people of Hispanic backgrounds to communicate in English and vice versa.
  • Eternal Code of the Galaxy was an exciting opportunity for her to venture into the world of voice acting around the topic of “communication”, …it was like she was made for this long distance communication podcast chronicle!


Characters in Season 1:


  • Sarah5 is a 5th generation clone stationed at an eternal code study station in deep space.  She is a member of a large team of clones tracking the signal from different stations.  It is unknown how many clones there are, however they all share the same personality and the same memories of founder Sarah Vesa, also known as “Sarah1”, through the use of a cloning technique paired with a symbiotic A.I. that resides inside Sarah5’s brain. This gives her access to Sarah1’s memories as well as access to information and calculations.  Sarah5, like all the “Sarah clones”, is willing to do whatever it takes to find the elusive eternal code source.

Charleston the Symbiotic A.I.

  • Charleston is made up of a nanobot web working within Sarah’s brain cortex.  Charleston is in many ways Sarah5’s sibling since they were born together and could not exist without one another.  That said, Charleston is awake and functioning even when Sarah5 is in cryogenic stasis.  Although original download programming was more similar to commonplace impersonal A.I. ‘s, Charleston’s interactions with Sarah5 caused him to develop a broad range of emotions.

Legacy the Station A.I.

  • Legacy is the research station AI.  All Sarah Stations are equipped with a Legacy system.  Legacy was the personal A.I. of the original Sarah – a.k.a. “Sarah1”. Sarah1 was a trillionaire with her company that invented the hyperdrive. In her older years she became a fanatic about the eternal code of the universe and cloned herself and Legacy creating an unknown number of stations with clones of herself and a Legacy system.

Sarah1 (a.k.a. as Dr. Sara or “the original Sarah”)

  • Sarah1 is the founder of Hyperdrive Dynamics and is a trillionaire.  She is the original “Sarah”, from which all Sarah clones are patterned after.  A research scientist at heart, she is a genius in many ways and felt that clones of herself alone had the drive and outside the box thinking talent to do the hard lonely work needed to staff a research station in deep space.  Sarah1 is much older than the clones that are gestated to an age of 25 and then receive a memory transfer with a Charleston A.I. implant.  She is good natured and good with people but is actually an introvert who enjoys time alone with the data.  Sarah1 is the wise matriarch of Sarah Systems which has a virtual monopoly on hyperdrive technologies.  She spends her time in corporate meetings so she can fund her true passion which is decoding the eternal code of the galaxy.


  • Written and directed by Ansley Allen and performed by talented Chicago area voice artists: Marian Tsikalas, Joe Stehlik, Jonny Miller, and Angelica Rivadeneira
  • Music and sound effects use a creative commons license from and the Robotic intro voices provided by under a free use / no attribution license.
  • Graphic designs and imagery are public domain (free use with no attribution) from or were purchased from
  • For additional information on cast and crew please see

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